May Chemical Sdn Bhd has been providing Scheduled Waste Management via our sister company, Positive Chemicals, a licensed collector under DOE. We have been in scheduled waste recovery business in the last 20 years. Please refer to our list of Scheduled Waste that is approved by DOE.

To cater for Central and Northern Region, May Chemical Sdn Bhd has acquired new land in Lumut Port, which is located at our Bulk Terminal for new Scheduled Waste expansion. The expansion is entirely new built on 2.6-acre land and will be equipped with state-of-art recovery facilities.

Our intention is to support all central and northern client for better cost and service.

Name of Sludge Code
Waste of non-halogenated SW 322
 Waste of halogenated organic solvents SW 323
Waste of Inks, Paints, Pigments, Lacquer, dye or varnish SW 417
 Discarded or off-specification Ink, Paint, Pigment, Lacquer, dye or varnish products containing organic solvents  SW 418
Disposed containers, bags or equipment contaminated with chemicals, minerals oil or schedule waste  SW 409
Spent alkaline SW 402
Spent inorganic acids  SW 206
Cotton Rag  SW 416
Spent organic acid  SW301
Spent mineral oil-water emulsion  SW 307
Sludge containing one or several metals including chromium, copper, nickel, zinc, lead, cadmium, aluminium, tin, vanadium, Beryllium  SW 204