Logistic & Distribution Support

May Chemical, as part of the key commodity chemical importer and manufacturer, understand the need for good logistic and distribution support. Our logistic and distribution hub are strategically located at Central, Southern and Northern of Peninsular Malaysia hence enabling OTD for our clients. We are planning to expand further to East Malaysia as existing facility is limited, while in East Peninsular, due to increasing demand, Eastern zone will have it’s own logistic and distribution warehouse.

Wastewater & Production Process Consultation

One of the core use of our chemicals apart from Production use are waste water treatment plant. Client with various type of wastewater usually encounter change in process input causing non-compliance. Many cases of T&C failure for new IETS is very common due to failure in understanding niche discharge from production processes. May Chemical has the resources and core-competency and know-how in providing consultancy service to ensure IETS system are running as per compliance. In some cases, we also provide engineering support, design support for upgrading existing IETS. For production processes, we also involve closely with end-user as supporting R&D personal. Client usually carry out internal improvement and request May Chemical to modify existing products. By engaging with clients, we build trust and passion with client and most of our key clients are showing the same trust as we are. We have many track records of cost saving activities carried out for our clients.

Analytical Laboratory Support

May Chemical, in-line with our vision to set-up our own accredited laboratory in near future, has spent a lot of money on measurement equipment such as ICP-OES, Karl’s Fisher moisture analyzer, Auto-titrator, and others to ensure all our products are meeting the client’s specification. Our product ranges from Technical Grade to Electronics Grade and precision measurement is pivotal for ensuring quality products.

Technical Training

One unique aspect of May Chemical is that, we are providing chemical training at zero cost on regular basis. Our trainer’s are well versed with hazardous nature of dangerous chemicals especially and it is becoming a mandatory exercise to ensure client’s are aware of the danger and protected at all cost. We, May Chemical, is fully committed to provide all necessary training support at any time requested.